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A Construction Industry View

If greed is good, then the construction industry is a great place to be virtuous. The typical director takes home £400,000 a year more than he did in 1995, while employees’ wages have gone up nearly 75%. Indeed, the past decade or so has been extraordinarily kind to construction. Margins across the industry have more than doubled. Even contracting margins, which look so lowly when compared with the rest of British industry, have risen from an average of 0.8% to 2.4%.

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Essex too Flat for Olympic Mountain Bikers

Essex, highest point 147m, is not a county noted for its mountains. It was therefore perhaps no surprise that inspectors from the International Cycling Union deemed the county’s Weald Country Park just too flat to host the 2012 Olympic mountain bike competition. Any proposed course would not challenge the riders sufficiently, they said.

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Delivering a usable local legacy

On 15th January leaders of the five London 'Host Boroughs' submitted a written memorandum to the House of Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport. This outlined their concerns about how well the ODA were likely to supply adequate design and financing to a sustainable social legacy for the people of those boroughs.

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London 2012 Olympic evictions: Jowell's 'Parliamentary' answer and an evictee's response

Tessa Jowell was recently asked in the House of Commons about the rehousing of those displaced by the Olympics. Her written response can be seen below. It is followed by a response from a resident who was evicted.

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Dereliction, 2012 Olympics style

When does a building on the Olympic site become derelict? The answer, when the LDA takes it over. The 2012 blog (see below) describes a tower block, which used to belong to the University of East London, as having been 'derelict for a number of years'. So I wonder how that came about? Maybe the building was abandoned due to its appalling state? No, it was rendered derelict by the LDA after they took it over from the University of East London in the summer of 2005.

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London Olympics will lead UK's bouyant CCTV market growth to 2012

A new report predicts that the value of the UK CCTV market will increase by 10 per cent by 2012, with the London Olympics leading the growth. And equipment sales are anticipated to reach over £450m in the same period.

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Feeding the Olympics

Originally posted Yule 2007

A new report 'Feeding the Olympics' from the Soil Association, Sustain and the New Economics Foundation, calls on London 2012 to deliver on their promise to be the greenest and healthiest Games in terms of the food they provide, and sets out how this can be done:

"This report is a call to action for everyone involved in catering for the London 2012 Olympic Games, to ensure that the food served before, during and after the Games is local, seasonal and organic as was promised in London’s bid

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COHRE names the 2007 winners of its Violator, Protector and Defender Housing Rights Awards

Roma in Jakubovany, SlovakiaRoma in Jakubovany, Slovakia

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House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee Tuesday 4 December 2007 on Video

Meeting started at 10.30am
ended at 1.07pm

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games


1. Lord Coe KBE, Chairman, Paul Deighton, Chief Executive, LOCOG, John Armitt, Chairman, and David Higgins, Chief Executive, Olympic Delivery Authority

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Fencing falls out

.: Clays Lane Co-op under demolition Clays Lane Co-op under demolition Photo by Mike WellsNot the blue fence but the Fencing Hall falls out! Pity. Clays Lane residents suggested events like this could easily be held in other locations meaning their estate could have been taken out of the Park. In fact, we tried to argue that the whole Games could have been parcelled out to a range of existing facilities!

It is now reported that the hall, which is at present located next to the Athletes' Village, may not be built and the event could be relocated to the Excel Centre at a saving of £90m. Hardly an original idea and one specifically put forward by residents at the Compulsory Purchase Inquiry.

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