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Mega-projects research centre

A new research centre is aiming to develop better ways of keeping large-scale projects on track.

The traditional tools and techniques of project management are no longer sufficient for the complex task of major programme management, according to BT which is setting up the centre with the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

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Three Missing Flats: Sustaining communities, LDA style

According to The Voice newspaper, in one the most fawning articles I have yet seen on the Olympics, Manny Lewis, chief honcho of the LDA, is claiming that the 425 Clays Lane residents removed to make way for the Olympics have been rehoused in purpose built flats. The article, published on 19th September 2007 and attached below along with a letter sent in response, refers to our collective relocation to three flats, which would be an extraordinary feat for the LDA and a remarkable budget saving. Assuming he meant three blocks of flats, this is still an extraordinary claim. As a former Clays Lane resident I have never heard of any purpose built flats for relocated residents and am certainly curious to find out where Mr Lewis thinks they are. Doesn’t he know where the ‘relocated’ were sent? Or maybe he has been misled by his inferiors! Perhaps the Voice reporter didn’t listen properly. I’m sure this person must have had a press briefing as well as being granted access to the presence himself. It’s all pretty strange. Weirdness rules at the LDA.

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ODA/LDA Chaotic Project Management style

Martin Slavin writes: A consistent pattern of behaviour exhibited by ODA/LDA personnel we have encountered has become apparent to all of us who have been actively involved in the critical appraisal and/or opposition to the Olympic development. It is their chaotic project management.

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Property hotspots in the Olympic Boroughs

The London Olympics are five years away but now is the time to buy, says Sheila Prophet

The countdown has begun for the 2012 Olympic Games and with less than five years to go, London's East End is already feeling the buzz, with investors flocking to locations around the future Olympic Park and its huge regeneration area.


The UK's worsening Housing Crisis

The UK 'National Housing Federation' has just published its annual report on the state of the UK housing market, Titled 'Home Truths'. The blurb says:

"Home Truths: The case for 70,000 new social homes a year, is our annual state of the nation report on housing supply and affordability. It gives the latest facts and figures on housing in an easily digestible format, and includes new projections showing that the average house price in England will break the £300,000 barrier by 2012."

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The Olympic effect leaves Thames Gateway short of development funds

The regeneration needs of East London outside the Olympic Park are in danger of being ignored by central government, according to the boss of the area’s urban development corporation.

In addition, says Peter Andrews, chief executive of the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation (LTGDC), weaknesses in the planning system caused by delayed implementation of government reforms is hampering regeneration efforts.

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When Clays Lane Estate residents are relocated a community is destroyed

It was the statement, in the various bits of evidence produced to justify the Compulsory Purchase Order, that the ‘socio-economic impact would be negligible’(on the residents of Clays Lane) that should have set off alarm bells. It did with me, anyway, and with others engaging with the process of objecting to the Order.

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Constructors 'self-employed' scam

A drive to cut Olympic construction costs is threatening to suck in large numbers of “bogus self-employed” migrant workers, leading to widespread tax avoidance and blocked work opportunities for local people, ministers have been warned.

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American Community 'Allotments' under pressure

On June 14, 2006, the New York Times ran an article entitled “Antidevelopment Protesters Are Arrested at Farm Site in Los Angeles.” Featuring the arrest of actress, Daryl Hannah, the article describes the eviction of 350 families, “mostly Latino squatters” from the 14-acre South Central Farm, the largest community garden in the country.

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