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Eastway Cyclists struggle with the ODA planners

Below is the press release from the official governing body of our sport... Reading between the long, wordy, lines, it seems that British Cycling are now realising what the Eastway Users' Group has been telling them all along; that the plans for the new velodrome didn't show good enough facilities for a road or a mountain bike circuit. And without the bulldozing of these circuits, there wouldn't be any Olympic Park at all...

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The Greater London Authority's comments on the February Olympic Planning Application

The GLA has produced a 17 page statement of comments to the 'Olympic, Paralympic and Legacy Transformation Planning Applications' which application was published in February 2007. Since the GLA are an organisation which has the capacity to respond in a well informed way to this 10,000 page application it is informative to publish their comments here as a PDF attachment.


A little local difficulty in Rio before the Pan American Games

Security forces and drug traffickers battled with guns and grenades in a Rio de Janeiro slum on Wednesday after more than 1,000 policemen backed by armored cars invaded the area in a show of force before the Pan American Games. About 450 soldiers occupied the main entrances to the area that groups more than 20 slums in the north of the city.

Gang members set up barricades and created oil slicks to slow down the police assault. The BBC's Gary Duffy in Sao Paulo says the police face a formidable opposition as many members of the drug gangs have high-calibre weapons. In a recent exchange of gunfire a man was killed at a petrol station up to 2km (1.2 miles) from where the shot was originally fired.

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Shortfall of skilled workers likely

Britain is facing a huge skills shortage that could undermine the success of the Olympics. The country urgently needs thousands more electricians, plumbers and bricklayers if the games are to be ready on time. Even if it finds them, there are not enough qualified chefs, security staff or cleaners either.

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Day of the Sheriff - Monday 23rd July

Monday 23rd July is the day the Sheriff will enforce the Notice of Entry against tenants at Clays Lane. In his letter to tenants, Andrew Gaskell of the LDA says ‘we are grateful for the cooperation we have received to date’. However, this cooperation did not lead to any consultation about the closure date or information as to why that date was so critical. Indeed, we understand it may be related to the building of a scaffold to take down the power lines which cross the estate. However, if this is the case then we have to ask why this is a problem for Clays Lane tenants when the Travellers will still be occupying their site and the cables cross their pitches. The power lines will not be live so tenants will not be in any danger.

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The Day of the Sheriff - Clays Lane tenants threatened with eviction

The first threats to evict residents at Clays Lane were made on Wednesday 20th June 2007 by Gareth Blacker of the LDA in a Press briefing. Some tenants have not yet received any offers while some are trying to resolve disputes about offers that have been made. The deadline is now set for 27th July although no official date has yet been given to tenants who still have to be served a notice of entry by the LDA. Only two weeks' notice is required by law. The LDA has failed to keep to its own preparation timelines which dated back to the autumn of 2004. Newham Council refused to grant decant status to residents until August 2006 while it used us as bargaining counters to get increased nomination rights to Legacy housing from the LDA and other Olympic boroughs are slow to process forms or, if they are not one of the four Olympic boroughs, refuse to assist at all. All of the original promises from the LDA and the Mayor of London made to residents have been swept aside.

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2012 Games Site Preparation

Road closures

Road, cycle and pedestrian routes across the Olympic Park

Preparation works are now underway on the Olympic Park site As part of these works it is essential to close some road, pedestrian and cycle routes on 2 July Details of routes that will be affected are:

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Olympic Games and Housing Rights

The Olympic Games have displaced more than two million people in the last 20 years, disproportionately affecting minorities such as the homeless, the poor, Roma and African-Americans, according to a new report,

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Masterplanners quit over 'dumbing down' of design

Foreign Office Architects (FOA), the creative leader of the group designing the Olympic park, has quit the masterplanning team. The firm walked out on the consortium last week over what are understood to be fears that the design quality of the plan had been dumbed down.

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Save King’s Yard Campaign

King's Yard: Belfast truss roofKing's Yard: Belfast truss roofThe ODA has gone back on the original proposal contained in the LDA’s first planning application and Olympic and Legacy Masterplans to retain the finest industrial buildings in the Olympic area at King’s Yard, Carpenter’s Road. The works, which were used for making sweets and lozenges, were erected between 1902 and 1912 and include two buildings with curved roofs on timber Belfast trusses. These are probably some of the few surviving early 20th Century industrial examples of this type of roof truss in England. Most extant 20th Century Belfast truss roofs are on WW1 aircraft hangers. English Heritage historians recommended the whole site should be listed but this was rejected by E H listing inspectors who advised the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, which is responsible for organising the Olympics, not to list the works.

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