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Hackney Travellers Relocation Project Millfields Road depot - Frequently Asked Questions



Who is the London Development Agency (LDA)?

The LDA is the Mayor of London's agency for sustainable economic growth and is working to build a thriving economy for London's communities and businesses.

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Neighbourhoods and Regeneration

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 As Amended

Description : Demolition of existing depot storage building and removal of trees and erection of a permanent Gypsy and Traveller"s site to accommodate a total of seven pitches along with associated ancillary amenity blocks, new access road, parking and pedestrian strips, landscaping and refuse storage.

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Proposed development at Millfields Depot

Proposed development at Millfields Depot
A Newsletter for King's Park Residents
Raising Our Game
Host borough for 2012
Issue 2, May 2007

Hackney Council and the London Development Agency (LDA) are working together on improvements to the Council's depot on Millfields Road.

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An April Fool's Planning Objection

April Fool's Day seemed an appropriate day to submit objections to the ODA's Olympic and Paralympic Planning Application. It claims to be a Legacy application as well but I can't include this is in my title as the Application doesn't include a detailed Legacy plan. It is plain approval of the Application is predetermined. To approach the application in any other way is to be a flat earther, as I have already been described by a planning expert. Authorities long for people to censor themselves and limit themselves to treating power on its own terms. Be realistic! is the watchword. I'd prefer the earth to be flat.

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Contamination and Controversy in the Olympic Park

© Mike Wells, 0 77 99 152 888,


For more than a century what will be the Olympic Park was home to some of the nation’s dirtiest industries. Within, and surrounding, what will be the Olympic Park some 7,500 people were employed in the chemicals industry. A new document reveals a second case of radioactive waste dumped in 1953 in a former landfill site within the Park. An Environment Agency analysis shows higher than normal levels of radioactive material in the River Lee. The article examines the historical information available, includes quotes from experts and lawyers, and is critical of the LDA’s work in the Park, which local residents fear puts them at risk. Mike Wells is also a photographer. The article comes with photographs.

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Catchup: Manor Garden Allotments

Monday, April 02, 2007

After 100 years of history, today's the day that the Manor Garden Allotments at the heart of the 2012 Olympic site are finally closed. Or at least that was the plan. The London Development Agency wanted everybody (and their vegetables) off the land today so that the site could be levelled and transformed into the central concrete walkway down the spine of the Olympic Park. But, what do you know, the allotments have had a reprieve. Until July. It's only another three months, but that's better than bulldozing several acres of fledgling potatoes and carrots before they've even had a chance to grow.

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Locals likely to lose out on jobs

Workers from some of the capital's poorest communities may not benefit from the jobs created by the 2012 Olympic Games, a London Assembly committee has warned.

According to the economic development, culture, sport and tourism committee report, people living in the five east London boroughs surrounding the Olympic park face "very real threats" which could see them miss out on thousands of new jobs and training opportunities.

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Freight on the River Lea

In preparation for the 2012 games, the recently much maligned Defra agencies – BritishWaterways, the Environment Agency and Natural England – are working together to develop the most sustainable waterway restoration project possible.

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The River Lea is being impounded

A group of interested people from the Hackney Marsh Users group have been in contact with British Waterways recently to find out what their plans are to impound the tidal stretches of the River Lea.

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7 planners and a cupboard

.: Julian Cheyne looking at a volume of plans in the Stratford cubicle. © martin slavin.: Julian Cheyne looking at a volume of plans in the Stratford cubicle. © martin slavin

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