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Planning & Development

Proposed Gypsy and Traveller site on Hackney Marshes

Planning Application 2006/3212

Notes produced by Hackney Marsh User Group.

A planning application has been submitted by Turley Associates, London Development Agency agents, to the London Borough of Hackney. It can be seen on the LDA website.

A copy of the application has been sent to HMUG with the request that comments are submitted within 21 days - ie by December 20th. We have seen no public notices of this planning application.

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Paying for 'Affordable' Housing

London, according to the housing minister Yvette Cooper, has a shortage of 20,000 three-bedroom homes.

So it is welcome that this week Cooper has announced new planning policies to oblige local authorities to ensure the provision of family homes, and to demand open space for children in new developments. In so doing, she also acknowledges another truth, which is that actions so far to provide decent affordable housing in London are failing.


Stratford Station expansion plan approved

Plans to upgrade Stratford regional station for the 2012 London Olympics have been approved.

The work forms part of a package of three planning applications, the first to go before the Olympic Delivery Authority Planning Committee since it was handed powers in September this year.

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ODA applies for planning permission from itself

Here is a recent example of the Olympic Development Authority going through the charade of applying for planning permission from themselves.

Below are extracts from the first two pages of their report which accompany their application.

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Rising Olympic Costs

The emerging debacle of the escalating costs of the Games are providing the most disingenuous twists of logic and language. Ken Livingstone now states that the rising costs are not associated with the Games but with the ‘Legacy’, as if it were a leech that had insinuated itself into the proceedings. ‘Legacy’, we were told when the bid was successful, was one of the reasons which helped win. ‘Legacy’ was all about regeneration of an area typified as a black hole, despite it housing over 250 businesses, housing low-wage families and individuals and having a significant urban wildlife associated with the waterways and derelict land.

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£400m Olympic Village subsidy

LONDON’S Olympic planners face a new bill of up to £400m over the construction of the athletes’ village.

The Olympic village, the biggest construction contract for the Games, was originally to be built by a private company at a cost of £1 billion and then converted into 5,000 homes that would be sold after the event. The cost of the village is not included in the budget of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), which is overseeing all construction work.

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The 'success' of Barcelona

Barcelona Housing Demo October 2006Barcelona Housing Demo October 2006

From: The role of Mega events in urban competitiveness and its consequences on people, Carolina del Olmo, Universidad Complutense, Sept 2004

We are tired of hearing about the “Olympic legacy” and the official discourse is repeated again and again that when the mega-event concludes, the installations will remain in the city.

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Impartial planning ODA style

The ODA advertises its planning functions on the website below. It describes its role as follows:

The Olympic Delivery Authority Planning Decisions Team

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is the planning authority for the Olympic Park area in east London. This section of the website sets out what this means, answers some key questions, and tells you how to find out more.


LDA keeps its word! Open space at Eastway to close.

The LDA acknowledged there would be a loss of open space during the construction of the Olympic Park. I received the following information after several enquiries.


Ending Homelessness

Homeless Link, the umbrella group for charities working with and for homeless people, today began an ambitious campaign to end homelessness in Britain by 2022.

The campaign was launched at a Parliamentary reception attended by Yvette Cooper, Minister for Housing and Planning, Caroline Spelman and Andrew Stunell (Conservative and Lib Dem Shadow Secretaries of State for Communities and Local Government), MPs from all three major parties, homeless people and senior staff from national and regional homeless charities.


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