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London: The Inclusive Olympiad

The security fence © Mike Wells: .The security fence © Mike Wells: .
“...the Olympic Park, venues and infrastructure for the London 2012 Games will be the most inclusive and accessible to date.

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Going higher on security

"There are still discussions about moving one venue or another,'' Oswald said. "How can you plan your security or your transport if you are not sure where the competition is going to take place?"

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New London Olympics site security fencing appears

The Berlin Wall-style gradual enhancement of the Olympic Park perimeter has advanced again recently.
This could be some sort of trial section or the start of a program of replacement which will continue along the boundary.

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Scamming the London Olympics brand

BBC London has discovered that hundreds of eastern European workers have been duped by a scam promising non-existent jobs at the Olympic site in east London. Our investigations unit and reporter Katharine Carpenter tracked down a convicted fraudster from east London who ran a scheme promising Slovak workers accommodation on a cruise ship in Docklands and jobs on the site.

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Let the Bejing Olympics of Global Re-branding and Marketing begin!

Let the Bejing Olympics of Global Re-branding and Marketing begin!

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Big Brother goes global for the Beijing Olympics

Now, as China prepares to showcase its economic advances during the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, Shenzhen is once again serving as a laboratory, a testing ground for the next phase of this vast social experiment. Over the past two years, some 200,000 surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the city. Many are in public spaces, disguised as lampposts. The closed-circuit TV cameras will soon be connected to a single, nationwide network, an all-seeing system that will be capable of tracking and identifying anyone who comes within its range — a project driven in part by U.S. technology and investment. Over the next three years, Chinese security executives predict they will install as many as 2 million CCTVs in Shenzhen, which would make it the most watched city in the world. (Security-crazy London boasts only half a million surveillance cameras.)

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The Surveillance Olympics

Britain may not win many gold medals in the Olympics but we can be sure of one top place on the podium, in surveillance. For some time Britain has been outperforming other nations in the number of surveillance cameras that are trained on its own citizens. The 2012 Olympics will provide an excellent opportunity to further advance our claims as the all time best performer in this field.

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London Olympics will lead UK's bouyant CCTV market growth to 2012

A new report predicts that the value of the UK CCTV market will increase by 10 per cent by 2012, with the London Olympics leading the growth. And equipment sales are anticipated to reach over £450m in the same period.

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Armed pilotless planes to protect London Olympics

Royal Air Force sources have confirmed it will deploy armed "Reaper" unmanned aerial vehicles during the 2012 Olympics.

Using the machine above a huge city such as London is not without risk but according to RAF sources. British authorities regard the terrorist threat to the 2012 Olympic Games an even greater risk. "Armed Reapers will fly over London," a source said.

The Reaper, which is the latest version of the General Atomics Predator hunter-killer UAV, can carry an array of laser-guided bombs and missiles


The art of state surveillance

A new nerve centre combining police, fire, ambulance and intelligence services is to be built for the 2012 Olympics.

Watch the BBC video'New Command centre revealed'


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