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If you go down to the Park today…. Part Deux. You can take photos of here but not of there!

The ODA continues to live down to its reputation for Media censorship and control. Visiting the Clays Lane area another Games Monitor person and I wandered down the road past the Travellers’ Site as the Travellers were moving their goods. The entrance to the road was open and no security guards were present. After walking round for a while I found my colleague making some drawings near the entrance to the Park Village estate where she had been sitting for some time without any interference.

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If you go down to the Park today…

Last weekend I decided to pay a short visit to Clays Lane to see what was happening to the old homestead in Crabtree Courtyard as the Travellers have reported that demolition has started on the housing. From the roadway outside the estate looked untouched apart from some windows being knocked in. The Travellers have been complaining about dust and noise from the site and the flow of heavy vehicles along the service road.

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Corruption endemic in the construction industry

Extract from the transcript of : File on 4: The building boom's true cost: Broadcast on BBC Radio 4; Tuesday 10 July, 2007.

With Britain in the middle of a construction boom, Julian O'Halloran investigates claims of cartels and price rigging and assesses how much such practices are adding to the final bills paid by UK plc.

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Photography and security guards

Olympics 2012 organisers have been forced to spell out their policy for treating photographers at the east London construction site after an amateur claimed security guards tried to stop him taking pictures there. Dr Patrick Green told us two security guards tried to prevent him taking pictures at the northern end of the 2012 Olympic site on Sunday 10 June.

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Security! Security! Security!

6.30am, Thursday 10th May, Park Village tower blocks, Metropolitan Police officers and the SAS wake up neighbouring residents and Travellers with a paramilitary exercise using high explosive stun grenades which shake nearby housing at Clays Lane estate and on the Travellers site. No warning was provided to residents and Travellers, although the housing staff at CBHA were told. LODA (the LDA and ODA) must have given permission for this exercise but also failed to provide any warning. Residents have since been told these exercises have been going on for a while without anyone outside a small clique being told. So the authorities have been practising anti-terrorist operations on an inner city estate for an undisclosed period! A further eye-opener for the public as to the meaning of the Olympic project.

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The multinational security games

All workers at the site at Stratford, east London, that is being developed in preparation for the games will be asked to provide electronic fingerprint and iris recognition information to gain access to their workplace under the proposals from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

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Intensification of policing, civil liberties implications

The costs of repression

Security for the London Olympics 2012 will be overseen by a Cabinet level Olympic Security Committee chaired by the Home Secretary and comprising senior officers from the UK security forces. The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG), an interim body responsible for any negotiations before the Olympic Delivery Authority was fully constituted, had a Security Directorate of its own. £25 million has been allocated to in venue security, and a further £200 million to cover "wider security costs" (, July 16, 2005).

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Siemens Athens 2004 security bribing prosecuted

The chairman of the Siemens Group in Greece and another senior company official testified Wednesday before a prosecutor investigating possible wrongdoing in the awarding of a major security contract for the Athens 2004 Olympics, court officials said.

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Sort out Olympic doping in house. Caborn

In late November, the leader of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suggested to Britain's House of Commons that legislation should be passed prior to the 2012 Olympic Games that will make doping a punishable crime.

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Corrupt French Olympic Committee President

French Olympic Committee president Henri Derandour was convicted on corruption charges on Thursday and given a suspended three-month prison sentence.

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