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Clearance of local sport, settlements and firms

Forced removal - population displacements

East London faces the break up of the largest concentration of amateur football pitches in Europe (home to the Hackney and Leyton Sunday League), relocation of a local cycle track, running and walking routes. There will be displacement of other uses, including three Travellers' settlements, artists' studios, and Clays Lane Peabody Estate (formerly Clays Lane Housing Co-operative, now managed by Community Based Housing Association [CBHA]). Over 400 University of East London students, also based at Clays Lane, were evicted by the University in advance of the bid decision in July, many in the throes of their exams. The impact of relocation on firms in the Lower Lea Valley is considered in Section 2.2 below.


Not waving but drowning

On the face of it, this should be a golden era for Britain's public swimming pools. The government is constantly urging us to do more exercise. And ministers have pledged to improve sporting facilities in the run up to the London Olympics in 2012. But despite that, hundreds of local pools are increasingly shabby and some are threatened with closure.

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Positive discrimination for disadvantaged athletes

Adedoja Atanda is 13. She likes dance, violin and football and, all things being equal, she is destined to take part in the 2012 Olympics.

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West Ham stadium games

The sports minister, Richard Caborn said: "There is a very serious negotiation going on between West Ham and the Olympic authorities about the stadium. Talks are going on about whether they could do something similar to Manchester City when they took over the Commonwealth Games stadium in 2002."

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Cost sinks an olympic dream

There are choppy waters ahead for swimmers in Oxford after it was revealed there is no cash to build an Olympic-size pool for the city.

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Olympic Darts

Britain is to get its first school of excellence in darts as part of an effort to achieve Olympic status for the game.


We're Being Robbed

An attempt to use women's football to railroad through a British men's team for future Olympic games has been condemned as "bizarre".

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Sport-for-millions plan

THE Government wants two million people to take part in large scale athletics events in the run up to the 2012 Olympics, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said yesterday.

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