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National Audit Office report

The NAO report concludes:

Our overall conclusion is that the key relationships and working arrangements to deliver the Olympic programme are still being developed. There are a number of areas of risk that will need to be managed but a major risk is the lack of final agreed cost estimates and an accompanying funding package, and this will inevitably have a detrimental impact on the programme if it is allowed to continue.

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Top Canadian skiers join climate change campaign

Two of Canada's top winter Olympians are joining environmentalist David Suzuki to fight global warming.

Skier Thomas Grandi and his wife cross-country skier Sara Renner were in Calgary Friday telling reporters they've personally witnessed the impact of climate change in the mountains where they ski.

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Destroying local biodiversity

The Thames estuary is one of the UK's most important wildlife habitats, with 200,000 birds visiting every year, four EU-designated special protected areas and 40 sites of special scientific interest.

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Sport rules OK

…the way of life for migratory birds gets tougher with each passing year. Now I hear, to my horror, that the football World Cup of 2010 is going to play havoc with our swallows. True, the World Cup will be held in South Africa, but that’s just commuting distance for a swallow.


Manor Gardens Allotments Campaign

E-mail from Julie Sumner of Manor Gardens Allotments to Jenny Jones of the GLA Mon, 6 Nov 2006

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Waste in bargeloads

London's Olympics and CrossRail development projects could offer a unique opportunity to develop the city's canal network sufficient to transport millions of tonnes of waste each year.


A Lot to Lose

Bleak future prospectsBleak future prospects at Manor Gardens

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'Green' Olympics plan to bulldoze 100 year old Manor Garden Allotments

Manor Gardens AllotmentsManor Gardens AllotmentsManor Gardens, bequeathed to be allotments 'in perpetuity' by their original owner the 'Right Hon' Major Villiers, sit in the North central section of the Olympic Park. The LDA plan to remove them to make a footpath to the stadia, destroying in the process a century of devoted cultivation and a close-knit community rooted in this irreplaceable site.

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Wildlife casualties and habitat destruction

AllotmentsAllotments near Bully Point Nature Reserve Information in this section is sourced from a report by environmental consultant Annie Chipchase, and a statement by Anne Woollett, Chair of the Hackney Marsh User Group, made in Febrary 2005, unless stated.

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The Greenest Games?

One of the most galling aspects of the London bid campaign was the rush of support from establishment environmentalists and political ecologists, predicated on a statement underpinning Olympic development proposals of a low and renewable energy principle, intensive recycling of waste, low emissions, and 'sustainable' procurement. Jonathan Porritt, the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), Groundwork, the London Wildlife Trust, and the BioRegional Development Group have all pinned their colours to the Olympic mast in the hope of grabbing chunks of Olympic funding.

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