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Corruption & Ethics

"Olympic Reporters' Secret Club"

By Andrew Jennings, Sunday 21 June, 2009

Swiss bagman Jean-Marie Weber who admitted in court last year that he paid $100 million in kickbacks to sports officials in return for lucrative marketing contracts was at it again in Lausanne last week, schmoozing wannabee Olympic 2016 hosts Chicago, Rio, Madrid and Tokyo.

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Chicago 2016 Admits Lying to Public

As reported by Crain’s Chicago Business reporter, Greg Hinz:

Olympic chief admits errors, but promises full disclosure

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IOC among the world’s least accountable organisations

.: The IOC code of ethics.: The IOC code of ethics

Many of the world’s most powerful corporate, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations are not answerable to the people they affect according to ‘The Global Accountability Report’ (GAR), released [in Dec 2008] by one of the world’s leading global governance think tanks, the One World Trust.

At a time when serious global challenges such as the credit crunch are devastating lives, businesses and economies across the globe, all thirty organisations in the report failed to score over 80% when assessed against the think tanks accountability indicators – a level the One World Trust says indicates accountability reforms beyond the basic minimum.

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Construction Workers demonstrate for legal and fair working conditions at Olympic site

Listening to Bob Crow RMT Gen Secretary: .Listening to Bob Crow RMT Gen Secretary: .Photo © Martin Slavin

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Tessa tells us 50,000 homes!

Flagged up recently on our newsgroup was an article on the opendalston blog on the financial difficulties facing developers Barratts, contractors for the so-called Dalston Olympic Transport Interchange and numerous building projects around Stratford High St.

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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village loan scandal deepens

Olympic loan scandal deepens
Vancouver mayoral candidate Peter Ladner prepared to lose election over secret $100M loan

By Christina Montgomery, The Province
Published: Saturday, November 08, 2008 (

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'Secrets in the Blood' coming to the Beijing Olympics ?

In the run up to the Beijing Olympics, Matt McGrath sets out to expose corruption, drug use and cover-ups at the highest levels in sport. BBC World Service Investigation

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That Torch - Symbol of Sleaze

As the Olympic Torch forces its way around the globe, with a combined army of hundreds of thousands of police and security personnel to ensure that the "message" gets delivered at all costs, the sponsors of this marketing jamboree from hell are trying to put a brave face on it as the torch becomes an emblem of hypocrisy and oppression.

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