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IOC claims 'We are normal'!?

The IOC is still concerned about transport for London 2012. Gilbert Felli, the IOC's Executive Director for the Olympic Games said of the £25million Olympic Route Network, "London is coming up with a certain number of proposals that we believe are feasible. Now we need to do more tests and of course, everybody will have to understand that we [the IOC] are normal and need efficient transport."

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Car parking legacy for West Ham Olympic stadium

According to West Ham co-chairman David Gold the car free Olympic Park will have 20,000 car parking spaces for West Ham to use if it takes over the Olympic stadium. He told the BBC that West Ham supporters would find it much easier to get to the ground than at Upton Park: "At the moment, they can't get to West Ham easily but there will be 20,000 car parking spaces at the Olympic Park."

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No Jag Hoy - should have been on his bike!

One Jag Hoy is now No Jag Hoy after the cycling star smashed up his £80K XKR Jag near the National Cycling Centre in Manchester where he had been practising on his bike.

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On yer hired bike for the Olympics

The sustainable transport charity Sustrans has criticised the focus on cycle hire rather than extending cycle use in Mayor Johnson's plans to expand his London bike hire scheme. "Plans to boost cycling in 13 outer boroughs appear to have been put to one side in favour of the high-profile and city centre cycle hire," a spokesman for the charity said.

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Volunteering - how to see the Olympics for free

A union, the Transport Salaried Staffs Association has lifted the lid on volunteering for the 2012 Olympics. It is objecting because South-West Trains is preventing its staff volunteering by not accepting requests for leave over the next 18 months, leave which could be used to volunteer at the 2012 Olympics. By the time the company accepts leave applications the window for applying to be a volunteer will have closed.

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"Business as unusual"

Yes it was a quote. Matthew Beard draws attention to renowned classicist BoJo's having borrowed expressions p

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Speed lanes to get the Olympic 'family' to the Games on time

Buses will be diverted, side roads and pedestrian crossings closed, parking bays and delivers spaces will be suspended and taxis barred from entering Olympic VIP lanes.

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Where there's a Zil there's a way

July 29 [2010] - Special "Games Lanes" will be introduced on key roads to speed athletes and officials to the 2012 London Olympics, plans launched today have shown.

The lanes will be in addition to the Olympic Route Network (ORN) which will be roadwork free, cover 2.5 per cent of London's roads, will be used by 82,000 people and cost around £25 million.

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An aged metallic celebrity to fly at 2012 Olympics?

Back from the museum! Concorde could take to the skies to fly over the 2012 Olympics.

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Businesses stress over possible losses from London 2012

A novel take on the 2012 Games. Apparently businesses are anticipating losses from the London Olympics. A range of legal, financial, media and public sector organisations are unhappy at the lack of attention being paid to the possible disruption and loss of revenue the Games may bring.

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