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£5000 fines for VIP road lanes

Proposed Olympic VIP lanes will let ministers, athletes and corporate sponsors drive around London jam-free in 2012. But motorists who steer into the restricted routes could be hit with astronomical £5,000 fines, according to proposals put forward in the latest version of the London Olympics Bill.


U-turn over East End's last parking 'oasis'

TRAFFIC chiefs are set to make a U-turn and scrap draconian plans for new parking controls near the 2012 London Olympics site. Tower Hamlets council is poised to drop proposals for a full-scale parking clampdown in the 'Fish Island' neighbourhood of Old Ford.


Eastway Cyclists sold short by ODA

Letter to the East London Advertiser

THE Olympics Development Agency has missed yet more deadlines for relocating our cycle circuit at Hackney Wick which closed last November.

London's 2012 Olympics has been nothing but a total loss for road-race, time-trial and mountain-bike cross-country that we used to do so successfully at Eastway.

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London Underground refurbishment company Metronet bankrupt

London's £30 billion subway upgrade program, aimed at easing overcrowding and vital to the success of the 2012 Olympics, is at risk after its leading contractor applied for protection from creditors.

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Eastway Cyclists struggle with the ODA planners

Below is the press release from the official governing body of our sport... Reading between the long, wordy, lines, it seems that British Cycling are now realising what the Eastway Users' Group has been telling them all along; that the plans for the new velodrome didn't show good enough facilities for a road or a mountain bike circuit. And without the bulldozing of these circuits, there wouldn't be any Olympic Park at all...

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2012 Games Site Preparation

Road closures

Road, cycle and pedestrian routes across the Olympic Park

Preparation works are now underway on the Olympic Park site As part of these works it is essential to close some road, pedestrian and cycle routes on 2 July Details of routes that will be affected are:

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The Prescott Channel Scam

Massimo Allamandola has at last been able to bring to my attention the report, which I have attached below, about the response in Nov 2005, by the 'Regents Network' of canal users to British Waterways proposal to impound the River Lea by building a 'Water Control Structure' at Prescott Channel.

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Cycling on the road to nowhere

Users of the former Eastway Cycling facility in East London are currently protesting against plans for the 2012 Olympic Velo-park which they say will leave them without a facility for mountain bike racing in London. Pull up a chair, this is a long ol' story...

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Less facilities for more money

Two stories in the local papers catch my eye for showing how fragile are boosterist promises about investment levels particularly in the aftermath of the Five Ring Circus leaving town.

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Freight on the River Lea

In preparation for the 2012 games, the recently much maligned Defra agencies – BritishWaterways, the Environment Agency and Natural England – are working together to develop the most sustainable waterway restoration project possible.

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